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When first established in 2007, the aim of the project was for students and staff from Ridgewood High School in Stourbridge to experience life in the developing world, giving them the opportunity to challenge their own outlook on life. However, Project Gambia has become much more than that; enabling students and staff from a number of schools and colleges, along with local community members, to work in partnership with Gambian communities to make a significant difference in a variety of settings in the developing world. We have established a range of projects in schools, villages, and farms to provide education, support, and funding to enable people to find a sustainable solution to poverty. This not only changes lives of people in The Gambia but also of those of us who visit The Gambia, so that Project Gambia is consistently achieving its objective of “changing lives…including yours.”

Latest News from Project Gambia

Shoeboxes October 2018

Thank you to all of the members of the Stourbridge community who donated towards this years Christmas shoebox appeal. Th...

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Some of our best images from Project Gambia 2019

  • 2018 TripDE8D7F88-EC5E-47D8-BF31-8E24C91B05C1
  • 2018 TripCEE4E139-5822-40D9-B6D7-2B5789BAE396
  • 2018 TripCC1FE940-B33B-4A48-9FA5-AF9B4034D5F6
  • 2018 Trip725F94AE-CA50-4A30-893E-E90D24F782A5
  • 2018 TripB30667D1-BAFE-4B88-A16F-A51DF591A3D0
  • 2018 TripB27049D6-3CF2-4CC8-BB6E-160DE159D412
  • 2018 TripB03D0BC7-4977-4E66-92BE-8641D61988CF
  • 2018 TripA5845B94-13AD-46BE-9508-049178FEB6CA
  • 2018 TripA110DCD4-8F28-4487-BA36-E57FB15F15A5
  • 2018 Trip86A77218-F34F-4B0C-934A-DABBA38D174D
  • 2018 Trip80C86F99-0310-478C-9F4F-DE95C183FD33
  • 2018 Trip036BB8EF-18EE-4CE1-9C1C-33A231E13C6A
  • 2018 Trip34B91426-DD4F-498D-AF64-B9FAEBCA6DAF
  • 2018 Trip5C2A2B58-A5E9-46B1-B175-8A9EA7BDBFDA
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