Light Up Kotu June 2019

For the villagers living in Kotusilo night time means either sitting in the dark or using candles which can be both dangerous and expensive. The ‘Light up Kotu!’ project has juts been launched and is enabling the villagers to rent solar lights at a fraction of the price of a candle. The money raised will be used to purchase more solar lights for rent. One small solar light can change everything: no more sitting in the dark; no more dangerous candles. With hours of light in the evening families can feel safe and children can learn and play. One small l amp can transform the life of a family.


Sponsor a Child Programme is launched May 2019

To support the Hanne Vibe School we have launched the Sponsor a Child Programme. For £10 a month you can sponsor a child to attend the school. This £10 will pay for school fees, uniform and books. For more information about the programme or to sponsor a child please contact Bev Hodt:

Sponsored Child 1

Hanne Vibe School May 2019

We are delighted to be supporting the Hanne Vibe School in the Sancheba area of The Gambia. This small school of only 70 children is struggling to keep going as it has very few resources and many of the parents of the children who attend cannot afford to pay their school fees. In February and April this year when we visited students refurbished the inside of the 3 classrooms and the exterior walls. We are currently raising funds to replace the broken floors in the classrooms and the outside yard. Once this is done we will look to purchase some playground toys. If you would like to donate to this you can do so via the Give Penny link on this website or by emailing Bev Hodt:

Sponsored Child 2

Madiana School Update May 2019

We are delighted that work on the new classroom block at Madiana is near completion. Thank you to all of you who have supported and continue to support our ‘Buy a Brick Campaign’: we are almost there now. Look out for the photos of the completed building in the next few months.

Madiana Classroom

Sintet Farm Update April 2019

It was wonderful to see the fruits of the labour at Sintet garden. Only a few years ago this place was barren; now under the management of Jabang Tamba, the farm is really beginning to flourish.

An area of the land has been sectioned off for some of the women in the village to use, and irrigation pipes have been laid.

A wide range of crops including cashew nuts, beans, onion, nuts, tomatoes, bananas, sorrel, oranges and cassava are being grown. In addition to providing food for the community, the crops are sold at local markets creating the funds needed for basic essentials, such as medical care and education for the children.

  • Sintet Farm Student 1
  • Sintet Farm Student 2

Sponsored Children August 2018

In April 2017 Project Gambia opened a clothes shop where we sell discounted clothing to local people in The Gambia. Today the profits for that shop pays for 8 children to go to school.

  • Clothing shop supports children's education

Sintet Farm Update April 2018

It was wonderful to see the fruits of the labour at Sintet farm. Only a few years ago this place was baron, now is grows enough food to sustain village and there is even a little food left to sell.

  • Sintet Farm
  • 2018 Trip

Container November 2018

The container was stocked full to the brim and shipped out to The Gambia in November with the arrival expected before Christmas. A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in the packing, donating and organising. Items sent included the Christmas shoeboxes, classroom furniture, medical supplies and much more.

  • 2018 Container

Shoeboxes October 2018

Thank you to all of the members of the Stourbridge community who donated towards this years Christmas shoebox appeal. The times will be given to students at local schools in The Gambia.

  • 2018 Shoeboxes

Madiana Classroom June 2018

Work has begun on the new classroom block at Madiana school, this will enable more children from the local village to attend lessons. This project was supported by Project Gambia and local primary school through the Buy a Brick campaign.

  • Madiana Classrom 2018