Food Parcels April 2020

Project Gambia continues to monitor the situation in The Gambia and the wellbeing of our friends and the communities we work with. As in the UK the Gambian government implemented lockdown and have closed schools, places of worship and shops selling non-essential goods. Public gatherings have also been banned and borders closed.Currently 9 people have been infected with COVID -19, with 1 death and 2 recoveries. Senegal, the country which surrounds The Gambia, has a higher number of cases and with limited border restrictions there is a real danger of the virus spreading into The Gambia. 

In the current situation many of the poorer communities are struggling. With rising prices and no income due to lack of trade because of the lockdown and collapse of tourism many of them not only face the threat of COVID-19 but the fear of hunger.  

Project Gambia is supporting as much as we can. We are currently paying the teachers’ salaries at the Hanne Vibe School and will be supporting the community at Half Dye/Kotusilo. This community is on the edge of a rubbish dumpwith extremely basic conditions and no electricity or running water. Each day they live hand to mouth. Food is available but with no income these people are unable to buy any. Hunger is a daily threat to them.  

Project Gambia wants to help these families by distributing food packages that will last 2 months.  

The cost of a food package for 2 months is £33 to include 25kg bag of rice £14, 5 kg bag of beans £75 litres of oil £7 and a packet of soap £5.