Support Us

Project Gambia has become a register charity and set up its own Give Penny page.

Registered Charity Number 1160143

Support us by donating items – We are currently gratefully accepting these items as donations for local schools and our medical centre.

Arts and Crafts 
Felt pens, Crayons, Scissors, Paintbrushes, Tissue paper, Paint, Glue, Glitter, Sequins, Feathers, Stickers, Coloured card, Glue, Face paints, Wool, Nail varnish, Balloons, Beads etc 

Sports Equipment 
Footballs, Tennis balls and rackets, Hula hoops, Frisbees, Badminton equipment, Cricket sets, Basketballs, Skipping ropes etc 

School Equipment
Excercise books, Pens, Graph paper, Pencils, Rulers, Rubbers, Pencil sharpenersm Maths sets, Lined paper, Calculators, Chalk, Childrens books

Good quality adults and childrens clothing, shoes, football shirts, school uniform.

Clinic Supplies 
Plasters, bandages, sterile dressings, disposable sterile gloves, alcohol free cleansing wipes, antiseptic cream and hand wash, eye wash and eye baths, distilled water, painkillers (paracetomol, ibruprofen, calpol). ALL medical supplied must be within the expiry date.

Sweets, Lollies, Childrens toys

donation poster