Project Gambia Trip Information

As Project Gambia continues to grow we are delighted to be working with new schools and colleges: King Edwards VI Stourbridge, Halesowen College, James Watts College Birmingham and The Royal School Wolverhampton. In addition to this the Ridgewood High School Project Gambia 2020 is taking out a record number of  students.
King Edward VI College Stourbridge
November 29th – 6th December 2019
1 student group

Letter for parents Sept 19th

Resource List

Kit List

Extra t-shirt and hoodie order form

The Royal School Wolverhampton
10th – 17th February
1 group


Adult Trip


February 11th – February 18th 2020


1 Group



Ridgewood High School
 March 31st – April 14th 2020
3 Groups of students

Information Letter Oct 1st 2019

RHS Kit List

Resources List

We are Collecting

Watch this space for more information

Kit List 


1 suitcase (max. weight 20 kilos – at least 5kg will be used for resources and remember you will be carrying/moving it)
1 item of hand luggage – eg rucksack that can also be used in the day (max. weight 5 kilos and size 56cm 45cm 25cm)– no sharp objects, fluids; etc. MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE THIS ALLOWANCE

Day wear -work in the school and village visits.
Old trainers and clothes for painting the schools (Clothes that you are happy to throw away) Trainers/pumps or shoes that cover the whole of the foot. Open toed footwear or flip flop style shoes will not be allowed outside of the hotel.
Cotton top (T shirts – to cover shoulders)
Sun hat/cap (You may wish to take a spare as if you lose yours will be expected to buy another)
Project Gambia T shirts (provided by school)
Cotton trousers (long-legged trousers/combats/trackie bottoms/long shorts not short shorts

Evening wear in the hotel & excursions to local venues
Trainers / shoes / sandals / flip-flops
Underwear / PJ’s
Casual shirts – long-sleeved (mosquitoes can be more active at night) Swim wear & towel


Newer cotton trousers, e.g. combats / trackies / jeans
Toiletries (teeth / body / deodorant & other personal hygiene items)

(The hotel has some British sockets so chargers etc can be taken, in some rooms adapters will be needed)
Hairdryers etc can be taken but remember it is a working holiday. If you really do want to bring them it may be best to bring one per room


Personal protection items
Malaria tablets (as prescribed by your Doctor)
Malaria cream/spray (containing a high percentage of Deet – 50%) Malaria ‘plug ins’
Anti bacteria handwash
Sun cream / block and lip salve (Factor 20+)
After sun


One box of paracetomal
One box of Diocalm or Immodium (instant is the ideal)