Welcome to the Project Gambia Christmas Shop

All the products (except for Body Shop products) for sale are handmade and personalised. We can deliver in the local area but stock is limited so order early to avoid disappointment. If you wish to make an order then please contact us via email: bevhodt@projectgambia.org.uk or you can use the contact form on our homepage.

Gam Gift

Afternoon Tea Delivery

Afternoon Tea Delivery

Christmas Cards

  • Prices range from £1 - £2
  • All cards are handmade and can be personalised.
  • Project Gambia will receive 10% of all purchases made.

If you wish to order please contact Clare via email: clareemmamoore@hotmail.com 

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Body Shop

If you wish to order please contact Kim on 07933 110315 or via our Facebook page. 

The Body Shop At Home™ UK Winter 2020 Catalogue by The Body Shop At Home - Issuu

Click here to see the Body Shop Catalogue

Offer 1: Strawberry Lip Balm Bauble  --  Full Price: £5 Offer: £3

Offer 2: White Musk Shower Gel, Body Lotion and EDT 60ml  --  Full Price: £29.50 Offer: £22

Offer 3: Almond Milk and Honey Mini Shower Gel and Butter  --  Full Price: £8 Offer: £6.50

Offer 4: Almond Cuticle Oil Pen, Acrylic Nail File, Warm Vanilla Soap, Almond Hand Cream  --  Full Price: £16 Offer: £12.50

Offer 5: Gingerbread House – Mens’ Guarana and Coffee Energising Cleanser & Moisturiser  --  Full Price: £21 Offer:£13.50

Offer 6: Naturals Eyeshadow Pallet, Mini British Rose Expert Mask, Mini Camomile, Cleansing Balm, Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Aloe Foaming Wash.  --  Full Price: £43 Offer: £25

A donation of 20% is made to Project Gambia from every order placed.

Christmas Stockings

These can be made to order in a variety of styles and colours and personalised. Available for: Boys, Girls, Dogs and Cats.

Cost: £3

Christmas Puddings

£1 each. Serves 2. Can be microwaved.

Santa Pack

Santa Pack

This includes a letter for children to write to Santa, an envelope addressed to the North Pole and a ‘Official Nice List Certificate’

Cost: £1

Christmas Face Masks

Face Masks

Cost: £3 each or 2 for £5

Christmas Eve Boxes


Includes a Santa key and reindeer food. These can be made to order and personalised.

Cost: £8

Festive Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

These can be made to order in choice of colour

Cost: £1.50 or 4 for £5

Christmas Wreaths

Available in a variety of styles.Cost: £3- £8

Light Up Xmas Bottles

These can be made to order in different colours and designs.

Cost: £3.50 each or 3 for £10

Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers

Male/Female Crackers: £2 each (includes a gift worth at least £2.50)

Dog/Cat Crackers: £1.50 each

Chocolate filled Crackers: £1.50 each

Tree Decorations

£1 each