Omega Nursery School


Omega Nursery School is a small nursery school established in 2015 to give poorer children in the Serrekunda area an opportunity to attend school.   There are 115 children in the school which has 3 classes: Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and Nursery 3. Children pay fees to attend the school, for uniform, and for equipment and stationery, many of them are unable to pay. This means that the school has very few resources and is in need of new tables and chairs.


When we first visited in 2019 Famous, the Headteacher of the school informed us that the school was on rented land and had been given notice to quit by the landlord, so new classrooms were being built on a nearby plot of land. Following their visit in February 2020 The Royal School Wolverhampton donated £1800 to complete the 3 classroom block. Later in the year, Stourbridge Rotary Club donated £600, which was matched by District 6 Rotary enabling us to fund the building of a new toilet block. The school also received school resources and equipment from the container that arrived in The Gambia in January 2021.


We are looking forward to decorating the classrooms and doing activities with the children when our next team visits The Gambia.