Omega School

Omega School is a small school in Sinchu Sorrie, Kombo North, which is in the west coast region of The Gambia.

Established in 2015 the school’s aim is to give poorer children in the Sinchu Sorrie area an opportunity to attend school. There are currently 194 children in the school which has 6 classes: Nursery 1 -3 and Grades 1-3. Although children should pay fees to attend the school; for uniform, equipment and stationery many of them cannot afford to. This means that the school has very few resources.

In 2020 the school was in rented premises and had been given notice to quit by the landlord, so new classrooms were being built on a nearby plot of land. Following their visit in February 2020 The Royal School Wolverhampton donated nearly £2000 to complete the building and later in the year The Rotary Club funded the building of a new toilet block.


To support the school over the past few years we paid teacher’s salaries during COVID lockdown. We have also provided reading books, pens, pencils and other school equipment, furniture and resources. Each year Christmas shoeboxes are also given to every child in the school.

In May 2022 we launched a ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme to support those children who are struggling to pay school fees. Sponsoring a child costs £12 a month which pays for school fees, uniform and books. Sponsors receive photos of their sponsor child, termly reports and any letters/cards/ pictures etc which the children give us when we visit.

For more information about the programme and/or if you would like to sponsor a child please email Bev Hodt:


Future Plans

As the school is expanding more classrooms are needed. Currently Grades 1-3 are in the new classrooms but Nursery 1- 3 are still in the old building and cannot move until more classrooms are built. Over the next 12 months we will be raising funds to build classrooms for the nursery children.